GYPSY COB STUDIO and the production crew and cast of The Gold Fish Bowl welcome you to our site and invite you to share our excitement in making our feature film.   Stop by and introduce yourselves to our talented principals, artists and entertainers, see rehearsal clips and listen to original tracks that Richard and Edward are composing for the feature.  Our BLOG explores research for the film, and the complexities of theme and character.  We appreciate any comments you send our way. 

Here's a brief synopsis of THE GOLD FISH BOWL:

On an ordinary evening before dinner, Mara Winter snaps for seventeen seconds of uncontrolled rage.  Targeting Derek, the narcissistic husband,  her mechanized fingers reach around his neck and tighten.   The Goldfish Bowl is about Mara Winter finding her way past that night of family violence through therapy with Dr. Hart Cane, an unorthodox psychologist, and coming face to face with her own mannequin existence.           

Mara Winter is everyone who struggles for freedom in an apartheid life.  She asks herself, "How did I ever get to this intersection - you know the one, where sanity runs north and south and insanity east and west.  And I hung a left and went west for seventeen seconds of pure madness."   Even though she malfunctions within the walls of her fish bowl existence, she swims a marathon upstream earning the right to laugh and love while doing it.

  "There is great writing here - original, intelligent and funny." -- novelist, Ray Robertson