Daughter, wife, mother, artist, martyr, enemy, passivist - broken.  Every July, Mara suffers through the anniversary of the death of her mother who said she'd die young and did, leaving her eight year old, little girl to grow up with a difficult father, a professor, already showing early signs of dementia. At the age of twenty nine, Mara Winter slowly sinks in her gold fish bowl existence with a husband she describes as "a hardware/software installation, a wired and wireless widget."  Survival on her terms comes with a price, but one that keeps Lennon, Mara's little boy, safe.  It is for him alone she strengthens her front crawl.

Mara asks, "How did I get to this intersection - you know the one?  Sanity runs north and south and insanity east and west, and I want west for seventeen seconds of madness."