Like Lucy Maud Montgomery, Mara Winter has lived with an anti-monster and developed strategies to cope with Derek's mood swings, domestic abuse, his pot addiction and his great need to find himself again.  Unlike Montgomery, Mara refuses to escape through substances, but chooses art and photography to poultice her emotional wounds.  Even though she snaps one evening when domestic abuse rears its ugly head, Mara remains a devoted mom to the one thing she's loves - Lennon.

Together Mara and Lennon unite against their anti-monster, keep strong, and learn to swim out of their fish bowl existence.  While Lennon loves his dad, he doesn't trust him.  At times Lennon's troubles make their way on to his drawing board in a plea for his mom's understanding. What she knows about him is he's a great, kind-hearted kid with an imagination that could save continents from falling into the sea. 

So excited to bring the Winter family to the screen.  Here are Mara and Lennon.